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Few American Gin 70cl (40% abv)

Bottling Notes

FEW American Gin is a contemporary style of gin, eschewing the traditional juniper-forward formula, though without straying far enough that it could no longer be called a gin. A base grain spirit of corn, wheat and barley is infused with 11 botanicals. Alongside more traditional ingredients, Tahitian vanilla and hops grown in the Master Distiller's own garden bring it a distinctly different profil


Tasting Notes

Lemony citrus and sweet warming vanilla are initially noticeable on the nose. Juniper balances out the flavours on the palate, with the hops bringing a little spiciness and the underlying grain spirit making itself known. A little peppery spice remains in the finish.

Few American Gin 70cl (40% abv)
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Perfect Serve

It is well worth trying this unique gin served with ginger beer, as well as the conventional gin & tonic