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Empress 1908 75cl (42.5%)

Bottling Notes

Empress 1908 is an original, shaping its own story as a fearless provocateur, a mystery in a bottle. Handcrafted in small batch copper-pot stills, this is a gin with phenomenal depth and boldness of spirit. Gently refined, nuanced and enduring, Empress 1908 is the essence of Victoria.

Empress 1908 Original Indigo Gin is 100% authentic and all-natural. It’s infused with the vibrantly tinted butterfly pea blossom, adding a singularly distinct expression - an impossibly lush and vivid indigo blue, with a stunning secret to reveal; with the addition of citrus or tonic, Empress 1908 is transformed from its breathtaking indigo to a soft pink.

To make Empress 1908 gin the juniper, rose, coriander, grapefruit, ginger and cinnamon are macerated overnight in a mix of water and corn spirit. In the morning, the mix is moved into the pot of the 900-litre Specific Mechanical still, a sizeable, locally made beasty with a six-plate rectification head. The hearts cut is collected from the still at 91%, then blended down to 42.5% ABV before the butterfly pea flower and Empress Blend Tea infusion. After a couple of hours, it’s ready to be bottled, labelled and numbered.


Tasting Notes

It smells as a gin should smell – juniper up front, bright coriander to one side and a stripe of citrus to the other. The butterfly pea flower brings an oily sweetness to proceedings, guiding the grapefruit peel towards a candied status.

The flowers – butterfly pea and rose – are first up on the tongue, landing softly and sweetly before being slapped out of the way by an aggressive ginger and cinnamon combination. The grapefruit peel plays its part, but much like juniper (which incidentally, is a little shy having been subdued at each stage by something else) isn’t really given a chance to shine until you’ve put out the spice fire by swallowing. Overall, it’s a lovely gin that manages the grand feat of being both simple and complicated, taking the tongue on a real adventure.

Empress 1908 75cl (42.5%)
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Perfect Serve

Delicious served over ice in a copa glass with Fevertree Mediterranean Tonic and a peel of lemon.

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