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Malfy Limon 70cl (41%)

Bottling Notes

Malfy Gin delivers an explosion of fragrant lemon flavours to match the bright and bold bottle. With lemon peels from Sicily and the Amalfi Coast, it is reminiscent of limoncello to taste but the traditional gin elements are all there too if you look beyond the lemon. It's a modern gin distilled in a modern way, at a distillery with great heritage. Malfy Gin also suggest that the Italians were the inventors of gin, with Italian monks drinking a juniper-infused spirit before the Dutch or English...


Tasting Notes

Malfy Gin features Sicilian and Amalfi Coast lemons alongside juniper and 5 further botanicals, delivering a full, zesty lemon flavour. Run by the Vergnano family, Malfy Gin is distilled in a modern stainless steel still at the Torino Distillati near Turin - an area and distillery with a long history of spirit, wine and liqueur production. The Vergnano family bought the distillery in 1992 and have expanded production and distribution successfully since, launching in the UK in 2016.

Malfy Limon 70cl (41%)
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Perfect Serve

A delicious Martini or serve with a premium tonic and a healthy slice of lemon and thyme.