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Dartmouth Gin 70cl (45%)

Bottling Notes

The still was designed and hand-built specially for The Dartmouth Distillery Co. by the Müller family, from the Black Forest in Germany, who have been making stills for generations.  This unique copper pot-still is key to what makes our gin so special.  Müller’s patented design gives the Dartmouth Distillers precise control throughout the production of their spirit to develop the fullest flavour and a remarkably smooth spirit.


Tasting Notes

Our favourite use of herbs, where rosemary, kaffir lime leaves, Scots pine and a strong backbone of juniper are all in unison is Dartmouth English Gin.  Aromatic, fragrant and fresh as an aroma, yet all seemingly balanced in the harmony of the wider gin.  There’s fresh citrus, and soft florals which leads you into the heady centre of the gin, with an underlying spice that pulls you through into a warming finish.  It’s a great flavour journey, with a booming herbal centre and, overall, a fantastic gin.

Dartmouth Gin 70cl (45%)
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Perfect Serve

Enjoy neat with lots of ice, or add your favourite premium tonic and garnish with orange peel and a sprig of Rosemary.