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Moorland Apple Brandy 50cl (20%)

Bottling Notes

A family owned, small batch distillery established in 2016 and located on the edge of Bodmin Moor. Their vision was to produce quality beverages made from pure ingredients, allowing them time to mature into truly exceptional products.

Apple juice is fermented into apple wine using selected yeasts, a process which is common with all true brandies. These low wines are then transferred to the copper still and gently heated to extract the apple wine spirit.

The master distiller takes the exact 'cuts' from the distilled alcohol to make Moorland Apple brandy. The young brandy is then transferred into oak barrels, sealed with bees wax and left to mature.


Tasting Notes

Moorland Apple Brandy is a blend of spirit, Cornish spring water, apple juice and honey, which includes pollen and nectar, collected by bees from the distiller's apple orchards. These ingredients are carefully blended in exact quantities to give it its distinctive flavour

Moorland Apple Brandy 50cl (20%)
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Perfect Serve

Don't mess with this exceptional Brandy. Pour neat into a quality brandy glass and add a block of ice. Perfect!