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Tarquin's Cornish Pastis 35cl (42%)

Bottling Notes

At the heart of the distilling process lie Tarquin’s three 250 litre hand-beaten copper pot-stills, TAMARA, SENARA & TRESSA. When it’s time to create  Tarquin’s Cornish Pastis, 12 of the botanicals are added  to the still (with the exception of the gorse flowers) and left to macerate overnight in a wheat based neutral grain spirit. In the morning Tarquin’s simply adds the gorse flowers, to complete the botanical recipe, and then it’s time to fire up the stills.

Post distillation, this ‘hearts cut’ (around 76% abv neat Pastis) is cut with de-mineralized Cornish spring water to bring it down to the desired 42% abv. Then Tarquin adds extra liquorice root and fresh orange peel to bring some colour and beautiful freshness to the final spirit.



Tasting Notes

Upfront sweet fennel seed and earthy liquorice. Gentle cracked black pepper spice to follow, then top notes of fresh fennel and fragrant orange blossom. Very big and bold, with an initial hit of candied black liquorice. Brightness coming from zesty orange peel and green notes reminiscent of freshly picked garden herbs.

Very full bodied with a lovely creamy texture. Extremely long finish, but with a dryness to it. Lingering herbal complexity, citrus freshness and gentle sweet spice.

Tarquin's Cornish Pastis 35cl (42%)
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Perfect Serve

Try a traditional drink with just ice and water in a heavy bottomed glass, or maybe go a little retro with ice and Fevertree lemonade in a chilled highball glass. 

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