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Padstow Sea maiden Gin 70cl (40%)

Bottling Notes

The legend of the Padstow Mermaid…

Sir John Betjeman wrote that the mermaid met a local man at Hawker’s Cove and fell in love. Unable to bear living without him, she tried to lure him beneath the waves.  In desperation, he shot her to escape a watery grave. In her death throes, the vengeful mermaid cursed Padstow throwing a handful of sand towards the town.  The Doom Bar sandbank grew and over 600 vessels have since been wrecked on her sands.

There are other versions of the legend… none end well for the mermaid.

Keen for their gin to be of Padstow origin but owning no still of their own, Mike and Mary found a Master Distiller who would come to them. The copper still “Prosperity” travels on the back of “Ginny” a 1973 VW camper.  Together they are known as “Still on the Move”.

Padstow Mermaid Gin is hand-crafted in batches of just 140 bottles. Created by Mike and Mary, with an awful lot of help from some friends.


Tasting Notes

In making Padstow Sea Maiden Mike and Mary looked to the legend for inspiration. At gin school, they developed a fusion of fifteen botanicals offering a fresh citrus kick and a delicious saline finish.  Careful use of Cornish seaweed and samphire from Padstow Kitchen Garden bring just a hint of the sea. You might almost say it’s like the flick of a mermaid’s tail.

 Padstow Sea maiden Gin 70cl (40%)
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Perfect Serve

Mike and Mary like to serve theirs with one part gin to two parts tonic poured over plenty of ice with a slice of fresh lemon (or even preserved lemon if you’re feeling frisky), dried sea spaghetti from the Cornish Seaweed Company and a tiny pinch of Cornish Sea Salt.

We think it's equally delicious served over ice in a large copa glass with Fevertree original tonic and a twist of lemon peel.