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Caspyn Marmalade Old Tom Gin - 70cl (40%)

Bottling Notes

Old Tom gin was a popular form of gin from the 18th & 19th Century. Drier than a Dutch Jynerva, but sweeter than your usual London Dry style, it is believed to have been birthed as a way of making the rather dubious quality spirits that were on offer more drinkable by sweetening the juniper-laced spirit with liquorice or sugar, thus creating a whole new category. Over the years as the standards in distilling improved and as regulations as to what was allowed to be sold to people for their consumption improved the sweeter style of an Old Tom fell out of fashion. 

The Gin Distiller, Haymans, released an Old Tom recipe Gin back in 2007 and since then some of the craft distillers have been dabbling. Pocketful of Stones Distillery has taken this archetypal flavour of the Seville Orange and distilled it with a gorgeous combination of botanicals that make the Old Tom Gin recipe and infused more Seville Orange peel.


Tasting Notes

A citrus forward (obviously), contemporary gin with loads of Seville Orange both in distillation and post distillation, there is still the backbone of a Pocketful of Stones style but they've hugely upped the tart flavours and balanced them out with sweetness. It’s pretty damn delicious.

Caspyn Marmalade Old Tom Gin - 70cl (40%)
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Perfect Serve

Delicious with a quality tonic and garnished with toasted orange peel

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