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Tinkture Rose Gin 50cl (44%)

Bottling Notes

The bottles were originally designed to be used for chemistry and apothecary purposes. Traditionally housing expensive, delicate or dangerous liquids the bottles are specifically sized to never be filled beyond the shoulder.  Keeping air in the bottle and room in the neck allows for a much cleaner pour without that unruly 'glugg'.  

Tinkture is made using fresh organic, David Austin roses, distilled by hand in copper pot stills at their distillery on the Cornish coast, it's a Gin you just have to try!


Tasting Notes

A delightfully light, delicate gin with a hint of citrus. The juniper and coriander provide a complex depth and warmth. The colour is a golden amber that changes to beautiful pink when mixed with tonic!  A classic ‘London Dry’ style gin, with the distinctive hint of  David Austin roses.

Tinkture Rose Gin 50cl (44%)
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Perfect Serve

Serve over ice and add Fever-Tree tonic slowly and watch the colour change. Garnish with fresh raspberries