The Little Gin Shack Blog

7th October 2019

Got a taste for Gin?

Had great fun with several groups over the last week or so doing private tasting sessions.

I choose 6 gins to sample - first neat, then with the perfect mixer - talk about the gin and what works with what. Then, the guests each choose their favourite, and I serve up a perfect double. 

Always fun, always a laugh - let me know if you and your friends would like to do one!

30th September 2019

Drink Gin to Raise Money for a Worthy Cause!

Land of Saints will launch in mid October - a deliciously floral gin with hints of citrus. Made in association with the world's oldest conservation charity Fauna & Floral International ( a donation will be made for each bottle produced.

Land of Saints follows a number of Cornish Gin Distilleries produced to raise money for well deserving projects. The Wrecking Coast New Heli Gin has raised over £5,000 for the Cornwall Air Ambulance campaign to purchase a new helicopter. The Thompson brothers at St Ives Gin have planted a tree for every bottle of their Blood Orange Limited Edition produced, and Curio Gin Fly Navy raises money for the Royal Navy's "Fly Navy" charity.

.... so enjoy your gin knowing you have helped to support a very worthy cause!

20th September 2019

It's Autumn

Welcome to my first post on our new blog page. As Autumn arrives with weather to match, I've been experimenting with the British classic - Sloe Gin. The Sloes are ready to pick if you are intending to make your own - remember to prick them if you are freezing them.

So, try this for a delicious Sloe Gin Cocktail. Put a bottle of Limoncello in the freezer - it will turn into a "slush puppy!" Add a double measure to a chilled glass, and slowly drizzle an equal measure of chilled Sloe Gin over the top. Garnish with a twist of lemon peel and enjoy!

We have 2 Cornish Sloe Gins in stock - Wrecking Coast Honey & Sloe Gin and On The Rocks Sloe Gin, as well as the time honoured favourite - Plymouth Sloe. Don't forget to try Atlantic Distillery's organic Cornish Limoncello too!

... this cocktail also works well with Caspyn Gin's Damson Gin too!